The mining and metalmaking complex holds the leadership in the industrial system of Ukraine owing to availability of unique mineral inventories in the country, large metallurgical mills, skilled specialists and workers, advanced scientific potential, and well-developed transportation communications.

Let’s introduce the leading mining and metalmaking companies.

Krivoi Rog State-owned Krivorozhstal Iron and Steel Works is one of the largest complete-cycle integrated mills not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. This iron and steel works comprises an ore mining and concentrating facility, coke chemical recovery division, and metallurgical division.

The main products of this integrated mill embrace sinter, ore concentrate, iron, steel, semi-finished steel, various-purpose merchant bars, wire rods, and other commodities.

To manufacture superb-quality rolled steel, Krivorozhstal has powerful modern automatic mills, special thermal-treating and finishing machinery and equipment.

The rolling mill makes the following primary products:

- square billets, 80×80 mm, 125×125 mm, and 150×150 mm in cross-section and 10 to 12 m long;

- rounds, 10-14 mm in diameter;

- wire rods, 6.5 mm in diameter, wound into up to 550-kg coils;

- hot-rolled and heat-strengthened reinforcing steel, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14-30 mm in diameter;

- bars, 10 to 32 mm in diameter, angle steel;

- articles made of cut glass.

There has been generated a steel casting reconstruction program that provides for installation of a continuous caster in the basic oxygen furnace shop.

Krivorozhstal exports its products, which meet the best international standards in terms of quality, to 15 countries of the world. The products are used in mechanical engineering, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, and numerous other industrial sectors.

Public joint-stock company Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol is an integrated mill with complete metalmaking cycle.

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works targets its main efforts at manufacturing wide product mix of high-quality sheet steel for critical structures, oil-conveyance tubes and pipes, drill pipes, gas and water pipes, cylinders for compressed gas.

This integrated mill is the chief supplier of shipbuilding steel sheets and plates certified by classification societies. It is also the sole Ukraine manufacturer of cold-rolled galvanized sheets and car cylinders for compressed gas. Products made by this company are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. This integrated mill has given birth to and supported development of heavy machine-building and tank-making of Mariupol city.

Working jointly with foreign companies, Ilyich Iron and Steel Works is implementing a reconstruction program involving continuous wide-strip hot and cold rolling mills to manufacture supreme-quality automotive sheets and plates.

The main types of rolling products embrace:

- hot-rolled strips made of low-carbon and low-alloy steels, 2.0-8.0 mm thick and 1,000-1,500 mm wide, in coils and 2,000-6,000-mm-long sheets (sheets can have lenticular and lozenge corrugation);

- cold-rolled strips, 0.2-0.5 mm thick, 1,000-1,350 mm wide, as well as 100-500 mm wide in coils, 0.5-2.0×1,000-1,350×2,000-3,000-mm sheets;

- cold-rolled and galvanized 0.5-1.0×20-60-mm bands;

- steel plates, 9-25×1,500-2,700-6,000-11,800 mm;

- two-ply, corrosion-resistant sheet steel clad with a layer of stainless steel, 8-30×1,000-2,100×6,000-11,500 mm;

- oil country tubular goods made of carbon and alloy steels, namely casing and drill pipes, as well as tubes for making of various-purpose cylinders.

Oil country tubular goods are made with outer diameter ranging from 219 to 325 mm and wall thickness of 8 to 20 mm. Tubes for dredge pump barrels have 24-80-mm thick walls. Heavyweight drill pipes are 178 mm in diameter and 44-49 mm in wall thickness.

Steel casting is currently reconstructed via mounting of a continuous caster in basic oxygen furnace shop and via introduction of finishing operations in cold and hot rolling mills.

This integrated mill has a workshop producing automobile and aircraft cylinders.

Public joint-stock company Azovstal Iron and Steel Works is a complete-cycle integrated mill.

Azovstal produces iron, steel, plates, structural shapes, and bars for all the industrial applications, railing and rail braces for mainline railways, grinding balls for fine-grinder mills, and cut-glass articles.

This integrated mill holds a monopoly on production of bridge-engineering and shipbuilding plates made of low-alloy and specialty steels, high-pressure boilers, thick strips for tubes and pipes to be used in northern areas. Azovtstal manufactures various types of rails for mainline railways and industrial enterprises, large structural shapes and bars, special mechanical-engineering, shipbuilding, mining, and construction sections.

Consumers of Azovstal’s products are companies that do business in machine-building, shipbuilding, natural gas industry, power and nuclear power industries, coal mining, iron ore mining, transportation, and other industrial sectors.

Commodities made by Azovstal Iron and Steel Works comply with requirements of modern international standards and are exported to more than 30 countries of the world.

Public joint-stock company Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the biggest Ukrainian manufacturers of iron, steel shots, plates, and bars.

The list of major products made by this integrated mill comprises conversion iron, cast iron, improved cast steel shots, improved split steel shots, square billets, hot-rolled sheet steel (plates), skelp, rounds, steel H-beams, equal angles, and parallel-flange steel channels. Besides, the company manufactures narrow-gauge railing, concave steel sections for lining of mine tunnels, metal tie beams for railway tracks, grinding steel balls for ball mills, road-building granulated and crushed slag, and rolled bimetallic products.

Public joint-stock company Donetsk Metallurgical Works is a company with complete metalmaking cycle.

Iron, steel, and rolled steel are the major commodities produced. The Works’ specialties are conversion iron, bars, sheet steel, and skelp made of quality and high-quality carbon, structural, and alloy steels.

Electric arc furnace shop of this metallurgical mill is equipped with out-of-furnace steel-treatment machinery and continuous casters.

More than 58% of the manufactured products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, and the CIS.

Public joint-stock company Kerch Iron and Steel Works

The main products made by this integrated mill are railway point products of all sizes and dimensions, iron and steel castings, steel enamelware, enamelware overlay, porcelain and glass, instruments.

Railroads of Ukraine and CIS member-states, subways, tramcar depots, mines, metallurgical mills, coal-mining companies, construction and chemical companies, refineries, pulp-and-paper makers, and other industrial enterprises consume this company’s railway point products, namely points, moving switch rails, and shoe ejectors. Kerch Iron and Steel Works makes railway points applicable to both domestic and European tracks. Upon order, railway points can be tailor-made for domestic and foreign cargo-and-passenger-carrying wheeled vehicles.

High-quality casting products made by this company are also noteworthy, e.g. sewer manhole iron covers, furnace casting, corrugated floor-lining tiles, wedge bolts, flanges, park fences, runoff gratings, and water-heater fire bars. The articles meet Ukrainian and foreign standards for SC10-SC25 irons, 15L to 55L, 20GL, 35GL, 20GSL, and 110G13L steels. Cast items have found widespread use in Western Europe.

Being renowned in Italy, Republic of South Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, steel enamelware is competitive on both domestic and foreign markets.

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